Services for Teens & Adults

What Social Coaching Can Do For Teens & Adults

  • Specific goals are tailored to each participant within a group setting that allows you to work on your areas of interest
  • Work on your main concerns, at your own pace and comfort level
  • A new perspective that interpersonal skills are a common concern for many people
  • Emotional regulation strategies to better manage social anxiety and interpersonal conflict
  • Preparation for the subtleties of new or less familiar events
  • Improved interactions with acquaintances, friendships, and romantic interests
  • Improved problem solving to get "unstuck" with decisions and situations
  • Assistance to develop support systems of trusted people and take "positive risks" for new personal goals.

We offer group social coaching sessions using the principles and research-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Groups are thoughtfully crated to match clients of same age range and interpersonal goals, with a limit of 4 participants per group. Individual social coaching sessions are also available for those who may not be comfortable with the idea of working in a group; individual sessions will provide you with discrete feedback and goal setting to take on a "positive challenge" outside of the sessions. Individual Skype sessions are available for clients who have difficulty making it to our office; check with your health insurance to see if telehealth is covered under your benefits.

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