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Our social coaching sessions are one-hour long, and use the principles and research-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Group social coaching sessions target individual goals while providing the opportunity to practice new social skills within a group setting. Parent training sessions are also offered immediately after the children’s sessions, to review what is being practiced and provide tips for carry over of skills at home. Our groups have a limit of 4 participants per group to provide intensive services tailored to the needs of each person. Participants are expected to come with a willingness (at least a small amount) to work on skills and discover the benefits of challenging themselves to grow!

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Individual social coaching services are available for children who require more intensive one-to-one coaching, practice and feedback. Individual services are also available for teens and adults who might prefer more privacy.

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Some children benefit most from direct services provided in a familiar environment in order to strengthen the practice of new interpersonal skills. We are currently accepting a limited number of candidates (ages 8 and older) for home services on a first-come first-served basis.

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